Women's Day Celebration

“The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before.”

- Albert Einstein

A Woman is truly a god’s gift to mankind. Every year, International Women's Day is celebrated on March 8 across the world. It's a day when everyone shows appreciation, love, and respect towards women. A woman is said to be a beautiful creation of God! It is a fact that all the great personalities are born from the woman's womb and have taken their initial teachings from a woman. Women's Day is all about feeling self-worth and achieving the goals as per the potential. Besides that, women should gather the courage to cross all the hurdles in all the spheres of life to make a tremendous improvement.

The celebration of International Women’s Day at St. Teresa’s Institute of Education was organised by the S.Y.B.Ed students. The program began at 9 a.m with a prayer, followed by an assembly incorporating the beauty of each and every unique woman in the world. The celebration of this day had many surprising segments for the audience. After joining in the assembly, a video was screened depicting the thought - if a woman truly wishes something, no one can stop her from achieving her goals. All she needs is a Chance.

Advocate Rebecca Ignatius Dias was the chief guest for the program. Ma’am spoke about various situations the women in India are facing and also how our constitution is coming up with various laws to safeguard the rights of the women. The session with ma’am was an enriching and informative one.

As the celebration moved forward, there were many other segments in which a student of SY class, Ms. Neha Gharat gave a wonderful speech and highlighted the importance of women in STEM. The Program highlighted many interesting and thought-provoking ideas. All the students including the teachers were astonished with the wonderful and amazing documentary prepared by the students of the second year, where they interviewed various women from different walks of life telling us how unique each woman is. There were also few poems that were recited on how powerful a woman is. Students of SY class had also prepared a video about different women entrepreneurs telling us how a woman can be self-empowered. Towards the end of the celebration, we were surprised with a quiz on women’s achievement in various fields. We would like to thank our Principal Dr. Sr. Tanuja Waghmare and all the teachers of St. Teresa’s Institute of Education for being a part of this wonderful celebration. Also, a special thanks to Ma’am Dr. Cerena D'cunha for giving us this opportunity to showcase our talents on this day.

The program truly expressed a heartfelt gratitude to all the women, grandmothers, mothers, sisters, daughters, wives, friends, peers, professionals, to all known and unknown women.