Ventel Activity 9: Make Diya – Light the World

The VENTEL programme (Vocational Education Nai Talim Experiential Learning) is organised by St. Teresa’s Institute of Education in collaboration with Mahatma Gandhi National Council of Rural Education, Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Government of India with a vision to institutionalise vocational education that will lead to development of knowledge, skills and values necessary for shaping a sustainable future. The programme includes various hands-on learning activities conducted by students of S.Y. B. Ed for their fellow batch mates.

The VENTEL activity 9 was held on 11th February 2021. It was conducted by Amruta Pereira (Roll no 41), Shital Gavand (Roll no 21) and Valencia Fernandes (Roll no 20). The activity was how to make Diya (earthen oil lamp) at home. Accordingly, a video and power point presentation (ppt) regarding it were prepared by the 3 group members. The session began with Miss Shital Gavand telling the importance of Diya, and then explaining the steps of how to make it with the help of ppt that was displayed. Followed by this a video was shown on how to make the Diya at home with the help of flour (if not clay). The procedure shown in the video was easy to understand by the students and helpful while making a Diya.

The session finally ended by thanking our teachers who organized this VENTEL programme and gave us opportunity to show case our skills.