National Science Day Celebration

'The Science of today is the technology of tomorrow'

With these words, we at St Teresa’s Institute of Education celebrated ‘National Science Day’ on 6th March 2021 to commemorate the discovery of the ‘Raman Effect’ by Sir C V Raman. The event was organized by the Science Club in collaboration with Ventel Cell under the guidance of Dr. Joan Lopes, Dr. Reshma Rodrigues and Dr. Sheela Philip. The program started at 12:00 pm with great enthusiasm with our two hosts Ms. Ashwini Nair and Ms. Sayma Kazi taking us through the event. At the beginning they gave us a brief introduction about the significance of day.

Thereafter, Ms. Swinal Dabre highlighted the importance of National Science Day and theme of the year followed by Ms. Amruta Pereira giving us information about Sir C.V. Raman.

After that Ms. Larissa and Ms. Shital Gavand gave a very informative speech on two different scientists and their inventions. A video was presented highlighting the discoveries in the scientific field by Ms. Rekha Padra and Ms. Ashwini Nair.

Later Ms. Neha Gharat spoke about famous science Institutions in India. Ms. Janice Gonsalves, Ms. Rincy Lopes and Ms. Premalie Corriea then enlightened us with some fun facts Of Science by showing us a short video.

Then there very interesting Riddles presented by Ms. Priyanka Kajar, Ms. Rebecca Gonsalves and Ms. Cinera D'mello which kept the entire class excited and engaged. After the Riddles Ms. Neha Gharat, Ms. Pritika Mhatre, Ms. Janice Gonsalves, Ms. Renica Patil and Sr. Litty Joseph showed video demonstrating simple tests for identifying adulterants in food at home.

Ms. Sheron Fernandes and Ms. Jonita D’britto engaged the entire class with a fun wordwall quiz. The winners were announced after everyone attempted the Quiz. The Program ended by vote of thanks by Ms. Cinera D’mello. At the end Dr. Joan Lopes appreciated the program. The Program was a great success