The Revised NAAC Framework

St. Teresa’s Institute of Education conducted a National Webinar sponsored by The National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) to provide an insight into the Revised NAAC Framework. The two day webinar dated August 28 and 29, 2020 was successfully hosted by convenor of the webinar - Dr. Sheela Philip along with other faculty members of STIE as the organizing Committee.

Day 1 – 28 th August 2020

On the first day, i.e., 28 th August , the session began at sharp 9 am with an Inauguration ceremony where Dr. Sheela Philip gave a gist about the Objectives of the webinar, followed by a Prayer song. The webinar was streamed live on the college’s YouTube channel so it was accessible to everyone. Dr. Sr. Tanuja Waghmare extended a warm welcome to the Resource persons, organizing committee viewers and the staff. Dr. Sheela Philip gave a brief Introduction about the Keynote speaker – Professor Dr. Shefali Pandya, Head of Department of Education, who initiated the Release of Revised NAAC Framework. She spoke about the Quality Assessment in Higher Education throwing some light On Neo-liberalisation and Impact of Quality Assessment System. Thereafter, the session was taken over by Associate Professor Dr. Sybil Thomas, Department of Education, who spoke about the first Criterion – Curricular Aspects.

The session captivated the viewers as it began with a Quiz asking questions pertaining to our control on curriculum. The session laid great emphasis on models of Curriculum and where do we stand with respect to these models.

Dr. Joan Lopes, faculty member of STIE, extended a warm welcome to the next delegate, Associate Professor Dr. Agnes D’costa, Pushpanjali College of Education, who covered the second Criterion – Teaching–Learning and Evaluation. We got an insight into the 8 key indicators of this Criterion. Dr.Cindrella D’mello, faculty member of STIE, thanked Dr.Agnes for her wonderful session which was not only informative but attention grabbing session and for enlightenment and giving various ideas.

Dr.Cindrella D’mello then introduces, Dr. Sujata Shanbhag, National Assessment and Accreditation Council (Education), Bangalore. She spoke about the third Criterion – Research and Outreach Activities along with highlighting the importance of working as a team to achieve the goal, the assessment process and the grading system adopted.

The second half of the session started at 3 pm where Dr.Cerena D’cunha , faculty member of STIE,introduced Professor Dr. Peeyush Pahade, Head, Department of Zoology, Haribhai V. Desai College of Commerce, Arts and Science, University of Pune.He spoke of Criteria 5 - Student Support and Progression. He brought out the importance of education institute playing a vital role in the progress of student not only in academics but beyond the academic life so that the students can make progress where sky is a limit. Each sub points was explained in detail as per the revised NAAC framework.

Professor Dr. Peeyush Pahade continued with the Criteria 6 speaking about the Governance, Leadership and Management where he stressed on having good governance by having policies, administrative set ups, procedures etc for making the institute efficient and effective. He also spoke on empowering the teaching and non-teaching staff by organising various programs for them and active participation by them in the organisation decision making. With that the session came to an end and Dr.Cerena D’cunha thanked him for bringing clarity on both the criteria’s also explaining each point in detail by using various analogies and relatable and easy to understand.

Day 2 – 29 th August 2020

The day started with a beautiful prayer and then Dr.Shakuntala Nigot, Librarian at STIE, introduced Dr. Dharmaraj K. Veer, Director, Knowledge Resource Centre, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad.

He spoke on Criterion 4 - Infrastructure and Learning Resources, speaking about the importance of a good library and librarian. How the librarian can be involved in paper setting and assessment. How open resources like the scholarly journals can be used in education.He laid emphasises on the infrastructure in the education institute and the need and importance of automation of the library.In short, he enlightened us on the minute intricacies of the Criterion 4 and other criteria’s .He also gave an over view of NAAC accreditation with examples on the key indicators of Criteria 4 an the rest of the criteria’s.

Dr.Reshma Rodrigues thanked Dr. Dharmaraj K. Veer for the wonderful session and then takes us to the next speaker Assistant Professor Shrihari Pingle, Department of Zoology, S.N. Arts, D.J.M. Commerce, and B.N.S. Science College, Sangamner, University of Pune.

He spoke about Criterion 7: Institutional Values and Best Practices. He focused on the best practices to be followed in an education institute and the social responsibilities. He spoke about the various ways to enhance the quality of the institution by introducing waste management, water management, cleanliness drives, Five S etc .He also mentioned these initiative or best practices to be put up on the institute website and he was happy to see STIE webpage up to date with all its initiative and activities updated on our site. He mentioned that the distinctive area/practices followed to its vision makes an institute stand out in a crowd. He elaborated how this criteria celebrate uniqueness and distinctiveness and how NAAC values and organisation takes the responsibility in uplifting the society it belongs to.The session ended with Dr.Sheela Philip giving a vote of thanks to Professor Shrihari Pingle for focusing on people and organisation being unique and possessing special traits of goodness which requires appreciation.

This was followed by a Panel Discussion by Moderator – Dr. Priya Narayanan, Assistant Adviser, NAAC (Education) and the Panellists - Dr. T.K.S.Lakshmi, Former Professor and Dean, Faculty of Education, Banasthali Vidyapeeth, Rajasthan and Dr. Sujata Shanbhag, Adviser, NAAC (Education). The Panel Discussion gave an overall view of the NAAC Accreditation, clarified the queries and gave a new outlook for the need of Research in every Institution. Dr. Giselle D’souza gave a vote of thanks on behalf of STIE and highlighted the key points of the Panel discussion – need for research culture in the Institution, each institute is different from the other just like the seven different colours of a Rainbow.

Thereafter, Mr. Ganesh Koli, Founder of International Career and College Counselling Movement, was called upon for the Valedictory Address who shared his experience of teaching and the role of teachers in a person’s life. His inspiring words left a great impression on the viewers. With that the session came to an end and Dr. Sheela Philip thanked the delegates for making this webinar a great success and ended the session on a high note by playing a video on Be The Change.

A special thanks to webinar convenor and visionary professor Dr.Sheela Philip, Principal Dr.Sr.Tanuja Waghmare and entire STIE staff for putting all the efforts and hard work in making this event of National NAAC webinar a GRAND SUCCESS!