Mentoring Session by Alumni

The alumni mentoring session for F.Y.B.Ed batch of 2020-22 at STIE was organized by Dr. Cerena D’cunha. Dr. Giselle D’souza and Mrs. Priyanka Moraes were the two chief speakers invited for conducting the session. There were a total of 53 participants present for the program. The main objective of the session was to enrich and motivate the first year students of the B.Ed course. It was a very well-organized session to make the students believe in themselves and overcome all the challenges and obstacles that are going to come up their way.

Dr. Cerena D’cunha began the session by introducing the two speakers after which Dr. Giselle D’souza shared her life experiences with the students. This was followed by Mrs. Priyanka Moraes who spoke about her journey through STIE and where she has reached now in life. Finally, our student Upassana concluded by giving a vote of thanks on behalf of STIE.

The session was truly inspiring in several ways as we could relate to the speakers. From having to change her career stream altogether to having to manage a child while doing B.Ed and still standing first at STIE and second at MU, Dr. Giselle D’souza really is an inspiration as to how we need to give our best and have faith in God to take care of the rest. Mrs. Priyanka Moraes, who was a student at STIE in 2010 went on to narrate her experiences at college and the support she gained from her teachers. She spoke about how she learned humility and gives credit to her mentors at STIE. Her belief that ‘efforts are not really efforts until it hurts’ is truly an inspiration for us to keep pushing our boundaries forward and embrace the obstacles only to come out stronger. The session was really fruitful as each one of us left with a smile on our face and motivated by our alumni to bring out the best in ourselves and be humble no matter where we reach in life.