Ventel Activity 11

We are all aware of the current situation of COVID 19, which had effected the entire world. Every problem teaches us a lesson. Similarly, this pandemic taught us many things and changed our habits and lifestyle. It also brought a very important aspect in our life and that is the hygiene .And one of the important part of the hygiene is washing our hands frequently. And we should continue this habit even after the pandemic.

The three of us put our heads and hands together as we learnt to make the hand wash ourselves and then taught the entire class. It was an interesting activity wherein we used materials like soap, glycerin which is easily available and not at all expensive. We then prepared a presentation and a video to explain the simple steps of preparing the hand wash at home.

Although we know that readymade handwash is readily available in the market but everyone cannot afford it. We may also have our own preference for the fragrance. Using this method, you can make a hand wash of your choice using your favourite soap bar.

As we all know washing hands is very important but all of us are not aware of the right method to wash our hands. So we also showed a short video wherein WHO has demonstrated on how to wash our hands thoroughly,as we felt washing our hands in the right manner is equally important.

And finally we ended this activity with a small slogan
हाथ धो लेंगे हैंडवाश से तो रोग मिटेंगे जीवन से